about us

This is a shopping mall that is consistently loved for its in-house production. Check out specially made items that can only be found at Vinyllo and new, trendier bags.

We create comfortable and active bags for your daily life. This allows you to wear and use it more comfortably and achieve greater efficiency in your daily life. Produced.


Rarity and collectible value

The items are made with high-quality
materials and sophisticated

craftsmanship, adding to the item's rarity and collectibility. By carefully considering bag design planning, material selection,

and production, we
provide products with

sophisticated designs and a variety of styles along with durability that can be used continuously for a long time. We provide products that are satisfactory in terms of quality and performance compared to cost.

Appropriate cost-effectiveness
Excellent quality and performance

A bag with an appropriate size and various pockets and compartments, taking into account the size and internal structure that can sufficiently store necessary items. We produce bags with quality and performance that are appropriate for the cost.